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Maureen DeHaan, Program Manager
Maureen holds a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Environmental Science from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia as well as a Diploma in Forest Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Before joining the Compensation Program in 1994, she was Planning & Assessment Manager with BC Environment and an Environmental Forester with an environmental management firm in interior BC. Maureen is a registered professional biologist and professional forester.

Beth Woodbridge, Administrative Assistant
Beth joined CBFWCP in 1995 and has more than 20 years of administration experience with BC Hydro. She applies a broad range of administrative and public interaction experience to what she considers "the perfect job". As the front line person - the first voice you hear when you call the Nelson office - Beth views her role as: "I'm here to help people who are interested in the Program in what ever way I can".

John Krebs, Senior Wildlife Biologist
John has extensive experience in both wildlife management and technical forestry, particularly in the Columbia Basin region. A biology graduate from Simon Fraser University, he earned his Masters in Science Zoology from the University of Alberta as well as a Diploma in Fish, Wildlife & Recreation from BCIT. An active member of the Western Forest Carnivore Committee and the North Columbia Mountain Ecological Research Group, John has published over 15 reports on his research work. He has been with compensation programs in the Columbia Basin since 1992. John is a registered Professional Biologist.

John Gwilliam, Wildlife Biologist
A wildlife biologist with compensation programs in the Columbia Basin since 1980, John has a broad range of hands-on wildlife management, habitat enhancement and public involvement experience throughout the area. He was involved in the Pend d'Oreille Wildlife Management Plan as well as developing timber harvesting plans and prescribed burns programs as habitat enhancement techniques. A graduate of the University of Victoria in Biology, John has published a series of reports on his research and programs in the Columbia Basin.

Amy Waterhouse, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Coordinator
Amy Waterhouse is the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Coordinator for the CBFWCP. Amy works with staff and associated consultants to provide GIS data analysis as well as map and report production for their projects. Liaising with a variety of ministries and agencies to develop data standards and facilitate data management, she helps ensure that all groups are working with the same accurate data when developing plans for the conservation of species.

Steve Arndt, Fisheries Biologist
Steve has worked for the CBFWCP since 1996. Prior to that, he was involved in fisheries work in Ontario and New Brunswick. He has a biology degree from the University of Guelph, a Master of Science from University of New Brunswick, and a technical diploma in Fish and Wildlife from Fleming College. Steve's main interests are in fish population dynamics and fisheries management, and he has published studies on salmonid growth in relation to environmental changes. His current duties include monitoring the effects of reservoir fertilization at upper trophic levels, and working with stakeholder groups on stream restoration projects.


Larry Ingham, Wildlife Biologist
Larry has been involved in wildlife compensation programs in the Columbia Basin since 1992. As well, he has extensive experience in the region as a wildlife biologist for Ministry of Environment, B.C. Conservation Foundation and the Kootenay Wildlife Heritage Fund. Larry is a Simon Fraser University graduate in Biology and a B.C.I.T. graduate of the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program. His habitat enhancement proposals have been recognized with two awards of excellence from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. Larry is a registered Professional Biologist.


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